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5 Toothache Remedies From Your St. Joseph Dental Office

Toothaches can be caused by a number of issues. Usually it’s from a cavity that needs a filling. But sometimes it’s a result of something a bit more serious like gum disease, infection, or dental trauma. No matter what the reason, one thing remains constant. Toothaches are painful. What’s worse is they can happen at any time. So what do you do when you get a toothache while traveling or when my dental office in St. Joseph isn’t open? Don’t worry, we’re here to help even when we aren’t in the office.

Tips for Relief

  1. Antiseptic. Found at any pharmacy or grocery store, over-the-counter antiseptics can help take away some of the pain associated with a toothache. Find one that has the ingredient benzocaine in it and put it on the tooth that hurts. It will help numb the area, easing the pain.

  2. Oil of Cloves. If you prefer a more natural approach, oil of cloves can act similarly to an antiseptic. Apply it directly on the sore spot or soak a clean cotton ball and hold it gently over the area.

  3. Salt Water. Not only good for sore throats, salt water can help toothaches too. Swish some warm salt water around the irritation to help pull excess fluid off the nerves, giving you some relief.

  4. Anti-inflammatories. If safe for you to use, anti-inflammatory medication may take the edge off and make toothache pain a bit more bearable. Just don’t put the pill directly on the tooth or gums. This may cause burning or even more damage.

  5. Floss. Your toothache may be caused by something little like a tiny piece of last night’s popcorn wedged between two teeth. If you think this may be the case, gently floss to wiggle out the late night snack remnant.

The Best Treatment is Avoidance

There’s one thing you can do that greatly reduces your risk of getting a toothache in the first place and that’s seeing your dentist in St. Joseph at least every six months. We recommend dental cleanings and exams twice a year for several reasons, but the main one is so we can catch any potential problems before they turn into big problems. Regular dental appointments can help you avoid a toothache by diagnosing and treating decay, infection, and other issues early.

Don’t let a toothache go untreated. It’s not only uncomfortable and painful, it also puts you at risk for more serious problems. If you have a toothache, we welcome you to call my St. Joseph dental office to schedule an appointment.

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