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Dental Hygiene


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You know how important it is to brush and floss daily. But good dental hygiene involves more than twice daily brushing. In order to provide the best protection against tooth decay, you must commit to a comprehensive oral hygiene program.

Tooth decay can still occur, even if you brush, floss, and eat well. Visiting our office for deep dental cleanings in conjunction with your daily oral hygiene regimen offer you the best defense against bacteria that causes tooth decay.

Elements of Good Dental Health

First, it is integral that you brush and floss religiously. Twice a day is just a bare minimum guideline. Ideally, you should brush after all meals and snacks, even after drinking soda, fruit juice, alcohol, or other sugar-containing beverages. Check with your dentist to make sure your brushing technique is optimal and that you are flossing in the most effective way.

The second element of great hygiene is a proper diet. Most foods and beverages leave behind food acids and particles that have the potential to become plaque. Overly sugary and starchy foods are perhaps the worst for teeth. It is important that you eat a balanced diet that includes plenty of vegetables and limits sugar-filled snacks and drinks. Also, the frequency with which you eat or drink can increase your risk of developing cavities. If you are going to snack, it always helps to brush afterwards.

Thirdly, regular professional dental cleanings are a very important step in the quest to keep your teeth healthy. Cavities can form in the deep recesses of your teeth, especially the areas that are hard to reach when brushing.

St. Joseph family dentist Dr. Sven Erickson and his team are able to access hard-to-reach tooth grooves and spaces that your brush cannot clean. By scraping off any plaque build-up with dental instruments, Dr. Erickson can minimize the chance that a cavity will develop in a certain spot. Using digital X-rays and close inspection, Dr. Erickson is often able to identify small cavities and take care of them before they cause irreparable harm to your teeth and gums.

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