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Dental Hygiene

Even if you brush, floss, and eat well, your teeth can still break down. Visiting our office for deep dental cleanings in conjunction with your daily oral hygiene regimen offer you the best defense against bacteria.

Elements of Good Dental Health

Be sure to check with your dentist to make sure your brushing and flossing effectively. It’s also important to maintain a proper diet because most foods and beverages leave behind food acids and particles that have the potential to become plaque. Choose vegetables and fruits over sugar and starchy foods.

Regular professional dental cleanings are also vital. Cavities can form in the deep recesses of your teeth, especially the areas that are hard to reach when brushing. By scraping off any plaque build-up with dental instruments, Dr. Andrea Godawa can minimize cavity development. Using digital X-rays and close inspection, she’s often able to identify small cavities and take care of them before they cause irreparable harm to your teeth and gums.

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