Jan 2023

Modern Dentistry Associates are proud to announce the retirement of Dr. Sven Erickson, who has served our community for 33 years. He is passing the torch to Dr. Andrea Godawa, who will uphold the qualities Dr. Erickson instilled in his practice of caring for patients. Dr. Godawa will continue to provide superb care to all patients, present and future. Please offer your congratulations to both Dr. Erickson and Dr. Godawa on their next adventures.

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Make Yourself at Home

We welcome everyone to our St. Joseph dental office with open arms. Our care is all-inclusive and doesn’t discriminate. We want all patients to have a trusted dental home where they can experience dental care in a safe, comfortable environment. As a patient at Modern Dentistry Associates, you’re entering into a unique partnership with real people who care about you and your oral health. Dr. Godawa is a highly sought-after St. Joseph dentist with extensive experience and training that’s unsurpassed in our industry. Couple that with state-of-the-art technology and tools for exceptional dental care you won’t find anywhere else.

Give Yourself a Gift

Modern Dentistry Associates is a highly-respected St. Joseph dental office for comfortable, comprehensive dental care. We pride ourselves on having a keen eye and advanced technology to help your oral health last a lifetime. Give yourself the gift of having a friend in dentistry who is always ready to listen and help you feel confident about your smile. We’ll show you how affordable and friendly dentistry can be. You’re not just another patient. We believe in being helpful, honest, and hardworking for you and your oral health.

Help Yourself Heal Earth

Dr. Godawa and team believe in operating with a sense of global responsibility. Every day, in every way, we strive to ensure that what we do and the services we provide are carried out with the highest degree of environmental efficiency and global ethics. It’s simply the right thing to do, and we know you and your family will join your St. Joseph dentist on this important endeavor. Modern Dentistry Associate’s commitment to environmentalism resulted in being selected by the No-Impact Project for an Eco-Leadership workshop in 2011.

Here are a few of the ways we’ve reduced our carbon footprint:

  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Large-Scale Recycling
  • Packaging Minimization
  • Digital X-rays and Impressions
  • Paperless Charting

Please join us in our continued commitment to going green!