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Going Green

In today’s modern world where natural resources are rapidly depleting, it is extremely important to operate dental practices with a sense of global responsibility. St. Joseph general dentist Dr. Andrea Godawa and her dental team strive to ensure that their services are carried out with the highest degree of environmental efficiency and global ethics.

Here are a few of the ways we’ve reduced our carbon footprint:

Energy Efficient Lighting:

The small act of replacing traditional light bulbs with energy-efficient light bulbs has had a significant impact, reducing our energy usage and cutting overhead costs for the practice.

Large-Scale Recycling:

We recycle all materials that can undergo processing, including glass, plastic, and paper.

Packaging Minimization:

Dr. Godawa works with each supplier to set up product delivery systems that require as little packaging as possible. In many cases, we are able to use environmentally-friendly packing materials for those items that are not biodegradable.

Digital X-rays and Impressions:

Going digital not only significantly reduces your radiation exposure, it also helps us reduce waste and streamline the x-ray and impression process.

Paperless Charting:

Digital charts are a great way to protect and preserve important dental records regarding your health history. Paperless charting is also an effective way to reduce practice waste.


To find out more about our green-focused efforts, please contact Modern Dentistry Associates.