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Dental Technology

Dental Technology

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St. Joseph cosmetic dentist Dr. Sven Erickson and his team are proud to offer you the many benefits that come from investing in the newest and most advanced technology. Our dental center is highly adaptive and constantly searching for ways to improve our services. Always ready to adopt inventive techniques or equipment, Dr. Erickson carefully chooses the upgrades that will most effectively improve your patient experience and achieve the best possible results for your procedure.

Enjoying the Digital Age

The shift toward a highly digital dental practice benefits both the team and the patient. Everything is computerized, making it easy to record, store, and retrieve important details of your dental history.

Our x-rays are digital, creating a better view inside your mouth with significantly  less exposure to radiation. Digital tooth impressions are highly accurate and environmentally conscious. We use hard- and soft-tissue lasers for deep cleaning and reshaping, which is much safer and more comfortable than the original by-hand instrumentation.

We also have CEREC crown technology, which gives us the opportunity to create a dental crown in just one visit using digital scanning and advanced CAD/CAM sculpting. Imagine that – we can create a dental crown perfectly matched to the rest of your teeth while you’re sitting in the dental chair.

Efficiency and Productivity

All technology used in our office is chosen because it makes the patient experience better while helping us be more efficient and productive. We select our equipment very carefully, and will not adopt any technologies that we feel compromise our high standards of care. Our goal is to improve your overall patient experience. By incorporating the most advanced technology available, we are able to easily accomplish this goal.

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