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Your child’s first dental visit and those that follow early in his or her life are an important part of developing good oral health habits. These early visits also allow St. Joseph family dentist Dr. Sven Erickson to evaluate the development of teeth and surrounding structures, helping ensure your child receives the most effective dental care at each stage.

Equally important, early children’s dentistry visits will play a pivotal role in how comfortable your child is with dental appointments for the rest of his or her life.

Dr. Ericson accepts patients as young as one year old, and strongly encourages parents to bring children in by their second birthday at the latest.

Caring for the Whole Child

Dr. Erickson and the family dentistry staff at our office know how to make dental visits both educational and exciting for our youngest patients. Incorporating educational toys, videos, and music, along with comforts such as blankets, we take every care to make sure your child’s visit to the dentist is equal parts enjoyable and informative.

We provide age-appropriate instruction along with treatments specifically designed to meet the unique dental needs of children. As your child grows, Dr. Erickson will continue to offer specifically targeted treatments to help ensure the strongest, healthiest, and most beautiful smile for years to come.

To schedule your child’s appointment with our experienced St. Joseph family dentist, please contact Modern Dentistry Associates today. Dr. Ericson provides comprehensive dentistry services for families living in St. Joseph and surrounding areas of Michigan.

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