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Your natural tooth structure is quite strong and durable. However, when cavities and other forms of decay are allowed to linger without being treated, it can eventually endanger the internal structure of a tooth. Endodontic therapy is a specialized field of dentistry that is focused on saving teeth once dental pulp (a tooth’s internal structure) has become infected. A skilled endodontist can take care of each step in the process with a great deal of care and precision.

Why Endodontic Treatment is Important

You’ve only got one set of teeth. In dentistry, the goal is to preserve dental health and protect your natural tooth structure against decay and damage. When a tooth is harmed so much that the tooth root becomes infected, an endodontist must be consulted to help determine the best course of action. Root canals are the primary tool of the endodontist and a very effective way to save natural tooth structure. Endodontic therapy, when performed by a skilled dental professional, can effectively save a tooth from extraction.

How Root Canals are Performed

The gum tissue around the tooth will be treated with a numbing medication. First a topical anesthetic is rubbed on the tissue, followed by an injection. The endodontist uses a dental dam to protect and isolate the tooth. Your doctor will then remove the internal dental pulp and clean out the tooth canals.

The canals are sterilized and recontoured. A biocompatible material called gutta-percha is used to fill in the empty canal spaces. Finally, a tooth colored filling and a dental crown are placed to protect the tooth.

Endodontic Referrals

St. Joseph family dentist Dr. Sven Erickson believes it is important to have this highly specialized procedure performed by a dental professional who is focused on this challenging type of dentistry full-time.

At Modern Dentistry Associates, all root canal cases are referred out to trusted endodontists who work in the area.

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