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How to Choose a General Dentist

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St. Joseph General Dentist

Your general dentist is your personal dental health manager, a professional who supervises the condition of your teeth and gums to ensure your oral health needs are being met. A general dentist should help you focus on prevention and be ready to deliver dental solutions that relieve symptoms, improve your smile appearance, and protect your teeth against future problems.
Where to Begin Your Search

In previous generations, it was common practice to just find the closest dentist. Today, with the standards of care improving all over the country, general dentistry practices are winning new patients by appealing to them with attributes such as comfort, friendliness, environment, and personal service. Because some dental practices are going that extra mile, you can have great dental care and great service if you are willing to do some research.

Websites are a great place to start evaluating local practices. Look at the dentist’s background, the services they offer, and how they work to make visits enjoyable. If you feel like the dentist might be a good fit after viewing his website, you should then try to get more in-depth information by talking to a team member. Most dental practices will be happy to speak with you about their qualifications and the services they offer.
Questions to Ask Your Future Dentist

The following questions will help give you a better idea if a dentist would be the right fit for you and your family:

How does your practice differ from other dental practices?
How much experience does the dentist have?
Do you use advanced technology in the office?
What dental materials do you offer for fillings, crowns, and other restorations?
Do you offer a full array of general and cosmetic dentistry services?
What type of financing options do you offer?

If you do not feel comfortable with the dentist after he answers your questions, then continue your search until you find dentist who you like.

If you are currently searching for a general dentist you can trust with your dental health, Modern Dentistry Associates would like you to consider Dr. Sven Erickson, a highly skilled, knowledgeable, and friendly dental professional who cares for thousands of St. Joseph patients annually.

Please contact our St. Joseph family dentist today to schedule your appointment at Modern Dentistry Associates, serving patients in St. Joseph and Kalamazoo, Michigan and Elkhart, Indiana.

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