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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Revitalizing St. Joseph Smiles

Has it been a while since you’ve seen a dentist? Are your teeth worn, broken, or missing because the years have taken their toll on them? There’s a way to give you back the feeling of a whole, healthy smile with a full mouth reconstruction in St. Joseph that’s changing the way patients like you see dentistry. Start your transformation by scheduling a hassle-free full mouth reconstruction exam where we’ll focus on your oral health, facial features, and desired smile.

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Every St. Joseph full mouth reconstruction is a uniquely memorable experience on so many levels. What you need to have a whole, healthy smile will differ from the next patient. However, every full mouth reconstruction goal is to customize a combination of treatments that are all specially designed to restore any or all damaged teeth. This procedure can correct bad bites, restore your gum health, and even relieve TMJ/TMD pain.

The Need for Full Mouth Reconstruction

Who can benefit the most from a full mouth reconstruction in St. Joseph? If you’re someone with chipped, fractured, decayed, or damaged teeth, you could be a candidate, especially if you’re also struggling with bite conditions or orthodontic issues. Compared to a smile makeover that’s purely cosmetic, a full mouth reconstruction also involves restorative dentistry. Through the use of high-tech x-rays, imaging, and impressions, we can create your comprehensive treatment plan with confidence and ease.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment

There are so many services at Modern Dentistry Associates that can truly transform your smile and your life, which is why they’re so vital to mapping out your custom full mouth reconstruction plan of action. Some more common treatments include dental implants to fix missing or damaged teeth, or gum therapy to revitalize your periodontal health. Whatever your St. Joseph full mouth reconstruction journey looks like, know that you’re in the driver’s seat with a team of talented professionals always at your side.

Regardless of the procedures involved, Dr. Godawa will map out a custom full mouth reconstruction treatment plan that will revitalize your smile and restore your oral health.

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