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Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic dentistry

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Are cosmetic dentistry treatments considered elective?

It depends. Many cosmetic dentistry treatments are performed to improve dental health. These procedures often are not considered elective since they are intended to improve the strength, shape, and structure of your tooth. By having these restorations performed by a skilled cosmetic dentist, you ensure that they will also produce highly aesthetic results.

However, some cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as a smile makeover, are performed strictly to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. These treatments would be considered elective and are generally not covered by dental insurance.

Can you give me the perfect smile?

Every mouth is different, and every patient is unique. St. Joseph cosmetic dentist Dr. Sven Erickson does not aim to recreate a single vision of “the perfect smile,” but instead strives to create a smile appearance that looks attractive and natural based on your other physical attributes. Feel free to bring in images of smiles that have caught your attention, as we will take your beauty ideals into consideration as we move forward with your individual smile design.

How can smile improvements affect my daily life?

When deciding whether or not to have cosmetic dentistry treatments performed, keep in mind that even subtle smile improvements can have very dramatic effects. Many of Dr. Erickson’s patients have reported feeling especially confident after smile makeovers and smiling more often than before treatment. A beautiful smile can benefit you in all aspects of life, including social situations, first impressions, dating, and business.

Why should I choose Modern Dentistry Associates as my cosmetic dentistry practice?

While a lot of dentists claim to be able to give patients beautiful smile results, not everyone delivers both a beautiful and highly functional restoration. We encourage you to ask questions before making a decision regarding your cosmetic dentistry provider. We would like you to consider our dental center based on our extensive experience, the exceptional results we consistently achieve, and our commitment to high levels of personal service.

How much do smile makeovers cost?

The cost of every smile makeover varies depending on the type of treatment, the area being treated, dental materials used, time frame, and degree of difficulty. During your cosmetic dentistry consultation, our team will discuss the estimated costs with you and provide dental financing and payment options. In some cases, you may be able to combine treatments for cost efficiency.

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