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first dental visit in a few years? we’ve got you covered.
added on: December 3, 2014

When you’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from seeing the dentist, you may be nervous to go back. No matter what your reasons are for avoiding dental care, the important thing everyone at my dental office in St. Joseph wants you to know is that now you’re considering coming… Read More…

how mouth breathing impacts dental health
added on: November 19, 2014

We all know brushing and flossing are important for a healthy mouth. However, there are some other things that are important to do, and to avoid, to keep your smile in tip-top shape. One of the things to avoid doing a lot is breathing through your mouth. While it may… Read More…

“do i need to take antibiotics before my dental visit?”
added on: November 5, 2014

Taking antibiotics prior to a visit to your St. Joseph dentist used to be a common practice if you had a heart condition or received a joint replacement; however, this may no longer be the case. Recent research has shown that the use of too many antibiotics could actually outweigh… Read More…

female hormones & their impact on oral health
added on: October 22, 2014

Women undergo several hormonal changes throughout their lives, causing hormone levels to fluctuate. This fluctuation can not only cause changes in the body, but in the mouth as well. At my St. Joseph dental office, we want to cater to our female patients, and this blog can explain how their… Read More…

benefits of using dental implants to replace missing teeth
added on: October 8, 2014

Despite the improvements made in dental care and dental technology, there are still millions of people who suffer from tooth loss. Whether it’s caused by gum disease, decay, or injury/accident, the fact is, tooth loss is not an uncommon dental problem. At my dental office in St. Joseph, we always… Read More…

a guide to finding the right dentist in st. joseph
added on: September 24, 2014

Finding the right dentist can be a difficult process. With so many practices in your neighborhood, all offering similar services, how do you know which dentist to choose? At my St. Joseph dental practice, we’d like to help make your search a little easier by providing you with a guide… Read More…

“you can’t wear white after labor day… except in your smile!”
added on: September 10, 2014

At my dental office in St. Joseph, white is always a fashion ‘do’ whether it’s after Labor Day or not. While everyone dreams of a dazzling white smile, it’s not something that needs to remain wishful thinking. In fact, getting a whiter smile is pretty easy, and if you follow… Read More…

why do we avoid the dentist?
added on: August 20, 2014

Sometimes it’s a lingering memory of a prior bad experience. Other times it’s fear of the noise. Whatever it is, it’s a fact we’re well aware of – some people completely avoid going to the dentist. At my St. Joseph dental office, we want to talk about some common reasons… Read More…

top 3 things your st. joseph dentist wants you to know
added on: August 11, 2014

I always try to spend time at each and every appointment educating patients on key points to learn, know, and remember. While every part of your oral health routine is important, there are a few “favorite things” that take precedence and I want every patient at my St. Joseph dental… Read More…

whitening deep stains
added on: May 21, 2014

Topical stains such as those caused by foods and beverages or tobacco use are often easily addressed through professional tooth whitening. St. Joseph cosmetic dentist Dr. Sven Erickson offers advanced in-office and take home solutions that are very effective at removing surface stains and improving teeth up to ten shades… Read More…

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